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atmos Room & Linen Spray αυγή - dawn

atmos Room & Linen Spray αυγή - dawn

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The luxurious atmospheric αυγή -dawn room & linen spray, can bring in fresh breeze directly from the coast. Early morning twilight warm colours, super fresh and calm scents can keep your mind focus and relaxed at the same time.  

Rich notes of eucalyptus creates a positive peace of mind while the fresh aromas of sweet mint and patchouli can give a fresh energy in the space.

This product works perfect for pet owners while the fresh and rich aroma can neutralise pet odours.

Live the complete experience of atmos luxury home fragrance collection. 

Perfect for use on cushions, throws and other linen or just spray in the air.

Ultimate fresh notes with a combination of eucalyptus, sweet mint, chamomile, and white musk


-Open and close the spray pump by turning left or right the small round button on the bottle neck.
-Hold upright and spray aiming the center of the room.
-Spray above fabrics such as curtains, linen, clothes, cushions, or bed sheets.


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